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"Handy Guy repaired lights in kitchen with perfection and did other small jobs. All done promptly and professionally. He left workplace clean and was pleasant to have in home. This was such a positive experience overall and I will certainly have him back for any future projects and will recommend him to others. "

​ Linda, Des Moines, IA




"He did some work for me inside the house, I think that his price was fair and his professionalism was very good."

​Richard, Johnston, IA

"I recently inherited three properties in Des Moines. He fixed up the bathroom in the duplex and did a very good job. Showed up on time and was very easy to work with. Tenant like him. I have asked him to have a look at some work i need at another location. Very reliable."

​Glenn, Jackson, NJ




"They were very prompt. They were neat and cleaned up after themselves. I think they are just great."

Sheila, Des Moines, IA

"Fixed drywall in bathroom ceiling and installed baseboard trim in basement.  Work was done efficiently and we were very pleased with the results. This is the second time we have hired the Handy Guy and have been pleased with our experiences."

​ Jason, Beaverdale, IA




"Jeremy replaced our dishwasher and microwave and the line for the icemaker on the refrigerator. He also moved the TV cable line to a better spot in the kitchen and put one in our bedroom.Member Comments: He came on time which is really important because we both work. It took two visits. The water line for the refrigerator required threading through the ceiling tiles in the basement and going through a tile floor. It was not easy to do those cables, it involved crawling under the deck. Everything looks very tidy and neat--the cable to the bedroom is virtually invisible."

Richard, Johnston, IA​

"I can't speak highly enough of the Handy Guy. He is punctual, honest, considerate, professional, knows his stuff and goes the extra mile to take care of his clients. I have had numerous other contractors provide service to my historic home and they all lack in many areas - but not the Handy Guy. I have high standards and demand good customer service. I also am highly suspicious of contractors who make claims that sound to good to be true. The Handy Guy passes all of my tests with flying colors. I will always call him first because I know he will take care of my house hold problems AND he'll be honest with me if it's a challenge that is beyond his scope of work."

​Casey, Des Moines, IA




"I had Handy Guy spruce up my home to get it ready to sell. They did interior and exterior painting, replaced damaged siding, cleaned and stained deck, repaired cabinet, replaced lights, and repaired drywall.  For the amount of work they did I thought the cost was very reasonable. What impressed me the most was his honesty before doing any work. If he saw anything that needed more attention and might cost more then he consulted me, offered me options and let me know how much the cost would be. They showed up on time and got things done in a reasonable amount of time. They cleaned up after themselves and were very professional."

JoAnn, West Des Moines, IA

"I've hired the Handy Guy two times: First, he came to investigate my new bath tub that was leaking through to the room below. He discovered that the company I had hired to remodel the bathroom and install the new tub and floor and not allowed for enough piping to go between the drain of the tub and the pluming in the floor and had forced the pipes together - which meant they would eventually leak (all very easy to see once we cut a hole in the closet to get under the space tub). He did such a good job that I hired him back to install a garbage disposal. When he did that job, he pulled out the dishwasher to fix it which required leveling.  The Handy Guy is honest, friendly, responsive, clean, skilled, and dependable. I have and will gladly hire him for any problems at my home! Highly recommended."

​ Casey, Des Moines, IA

"What Jeremy put in was BETTER than what I expected. I am so happy with that floor!  Overall, I'm very happy with the quality of the work and materials. The only negative is that his schedule is usually booked 2 weeks out, so plan ahead."

​ Tim, Des Moines, IA


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