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Des Moines Handyman builds custom garden window

Last year we met some wonderful people in our neighborhood. They hired me to repair their sagging property fence using concrete and new posts.

It turned out well and they have us back again this year to replace a kitchen window that was too high with a custom built garden window built and lowered to her specifications.

We began in the first really cold weather we've had this year I believe the wind chill was 10 degrees or less. We set up scaffolding and removed over 15 pieces of siding to access the framing of the old window.

We built a custom sized frame-out while lowering the sill and adding an extra header for the new window. Added a roof and insulation and Tyvek.

As we were getting ready to add the new siding the customer got the great idea to add two small windows on the sides to let in more light. We then stopped and switched to fabricating two small windows that were too small for anyone else to provide.

We installed the small windows by cutting the framing holes larger and adding a finished oak interior. We reused the original vinyl casement window.

The customer was overjoyed and now is asking for some interior woodwork added.

I thank them a lot when I see them.

Tip: When designing a custom projection window with other windows adjacent in the envelope, keep all glass near to the interior surface, close to the air mass within; If the panes are too far to the outside they will lack sufficient heat and may condense moisture. The resulting rot is common to find in windows that were incorrectly installed without insulation poked in around the frame before trimming out.

Jeremy Olson - Handy Guy

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