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Oak staircase remodel kept me busy through Christmas

As always when the rest of mankind (in Des Moines) settles down to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, I tend to worry a little bit whether I will be kept busy.

My wife Jen says, "No need to worry...the Lord will provide." You know, she's right.

Right about the time I was preparing for the worst...Jennifer was working on several estimates. (she is so good at estimating) and of course due to her pushing me to review and approve the pile of work, we got the job and began the process of buying, fabricating and installing a replacement oak staircase where carpet once had been, for some dear customers.

We found that it may have been easier to order premade treads & risers from an online company or Flooring company, but...the prices...ouch!

We opted to sort through the stacks at our local Menards and select the best materials. This kept our customer's cost down. We matched our customers stain and began production.

We discovered a product that was new to us. Minwax® Super Fast-Drying Polyurethane for Floors is a durable, protective finish specifically formulated for use on hardwood floors. Minwax® Super Fast-Drying Polyurethane for Floors has a 25% faster recoat time than regular polyurethanes and does not require sanding between coats. Its professional anti-settling formula levels to a smooth, even sheen. A hardwood floor topcoating project can be completed in just one day!

It was just the ticket and the stairs turned out flawless, not to mention completely scratch, scuff and WATERPROOF!

Our job included adding a hardwood floor in the upstairs hallway that attached to this staircase, and of course removal of all the carpet in this area.

All in all the job was fun, and occupied our time and kept us working through a usually slow time. Thank the Lord! (and Jennifer) :)

TIP: Wear an allergen rated dust mask when removing or handling old carpet because material in the old rug can make you very sick.

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